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Cixi Aiflon Sealing Materials Co.Ltd

Aiflon Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd---a crystallization of Chinese sealing , owns three manufacturers,specialized manufacturing metallic gaskcts,non-mctallic gaskcts and various fibcr packings.The company has been found and conformcd according to ISO 9001.

As a professional manufacturer and exporter,we can offer you a widely range of sealing raw materials and products,swift computerized quotation , ample finished goods inventory,and efficient customer service...
Aiflon"s primary goal----Bring Chincse scaling to the world,and introduce
world"s products to China.
We hope----Aiflon will be found all over the world.
Business ICQ:258561909
Products :
Our Main Products Are Expanded Graphite Packing , Die-Formed Ring , Carbon Fiber Packing , Aramid Fiber Packing , Aramid + PTFE , Nomex Fiber Packing , Pure PTFE Packing , Sintered PTFE Packing , Graphited PTFE Packing , Ramie Fiber Packing , Cotton Fiber Packing , Pan Fiber Packing With PTFE , Polyimide Fiber Packing , Asbestos Packing , Expanded Graphite Sheet , Non-Asbestos Sheet , Pure PTFE Sheet , Mica Sheet , Ceramic Fiber Sheet , Rubber Sheet , Asbestos Sheet , Spiral Wound Gasket , Metal Jacketed Gasket , Graphie Gasket , Metal Eyeleted Flat Gasket , Serrated Gasket , Corrugated Metal Gasket , Ring Joint Gasket , PTFE Envelope Gasket , Cylinder Head Gasket , Expanded Graphite Yarns , PTFE Thread Sealing Tape , Expanded PTFE Round Cord , Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Tape With Self-Adhesive , PTFE Skived Film , Braided Glass Fiber Tape / Cloth O Ring , Oil Seals , Rubber Products Ceramic Fiber Yarn (Reinforced With Stainless Steel Wire Or Glass Fiber) , Ceramic Fiber Tape (Reinforced With Stainless Steel Wire Or Glass Fiber ) , Ceramic Fiber Cloth , Ceramic Fiber Cloth With Aluminum Foil (Reinforced With Stainless Steel Wire Or Glass Fiber ) , Ceramic Fiber Lagging , Ceramic Fiber Round Braided Rope( Reinforced With Stainless Steel Wire Or Glass Fiber ) , Ceramic Fiber Square Braided Rope , Ceramic Fiber Twisted Rope , Ceramic Fiber Paper , Ceramic Fiber Blanket , Ceramic Fiber Board , Ceramic Fiber Module , Ceramic Fiber Felt , Ceramic Fiber Packing , Glass Fiber Packing , Glass Fiber Texturized Yarn , Glass Fiber Texturized Cloth , Glass Fiber Texturized Tape , Glass Fiber Composite Yarn , Glass Fibertwisted Texturized Rope , Glass Fiber Texturized Round/Square Braided Rope And So On .

Contact Information:

No.16 Xinyuan Road .Zonghan Industrial zone Cixi ,Zhejiang

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